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Every Wednesday Damon Fowler

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Every last Thursday of the month

April 2018

1 Russel Jennings

2 Dyngus Day Party

6 Bus Fulla Monkeys

7 Randy Stepens & the Groove Makers

8 Mike Calzone

13 Randy McNeeley

14 Elli Lee Band

15 Harley

20 Kozmik Pearl

26 Bike Night

27 Mad with Power

28 Twinkle

March 2018

2 Randy McNeeley

3 Bus Fulla Monkeys

9 Kozmik Pearl

10 Elli Lee Band

11 RG Solo

16 Spy vs. Spy

17 St Patrick’s Day Party featuring: The Irish Ramblers and Spy vs. Spy

18 The Irish Ramblers

23 Twinkle

24 Live at the Rock Bike Fest featuring: Pat Travers, Randy McNeeley, Twinkle, Randy Stephens, Mad with Power

25 Erik Jameson

30 Cross Trax

31 One day Weekend

February 2018

2 Randy Mc Neeley

3 Erik Jamison

4 Superbowl Party

9 Kozmik Pearl

10 One Day Weekend

11 Mike Calzone

16 Brian L Band

17 Elli Lee Band

18 Russel Jennings

23 Spy vs Spy

24 David Morris Band

25 Erik Jamison

January 2018

5 Spy vs Spy

6 Bus Fulla Monkeys

7 Mike Calzone

12 Kozmik Pearl

13 Elli Lee Band

14 Russel Jennings

19 Randy McNeeley

20 Dave Morris Band

21 Erik Jamison

26 Mad with Power

27 Charlie Morris Band

28 Russel Jennings

December 2017

1st Twinkle

2nd Charlie Morris Band

3rd Mike Calzone

8th Elli Lee Babd

9th Mad with Power

10th Russel Jennings

15th Kozmik Pearl

16th Bitter Kreek

17th Erik Jamison

22nd Bus Fulla Monkeys

23rd Randy McNeeley

28th Damon Fowler

29th Celtic Conundrum

30th Katalyst

November 2017

1st Damon Fowler

3rd Elli Lee Band

4th Dave Morris Band

5th Mike Calzone

8th Damon Fowler

10th Kozmik Pearl

11th Katalyst

12th Russel Jennings

15th Damon Fowler

17th TBA

18th DJ Diwrection

19th Larry Stretch

22nd Damon Fowler

24th Spy vs Spy

25 Ed Zeppelin

26th Erik Jamison

30th Bike Night

October 2017

4th Damon Fowler

6th Spy vs Spy

7th Dj Diwrection

8th Mike Calzone

11th Damon Fowler

13th Kozmik Pearl

14th Bis Fulla Monkeys

15th Sherman Noir

18th Damon Fowler

20th Twinkel

21st Markus Lee & the Pride

22nd Sherman Noir

25th Damon Fowler

26th Twinkel

27th Damon Fowler Band

28th Dj Diwrection

29th Erik Jameson

September 2017

1st Elli Lee Band

2nd Markus Lee and the Pride

3rd Mike Calzone

4th 5pm Labor Day Pig Roast Party

8th Bus Fulla Monkeys

9th Johnnie Feel Better

10th Russel Jennings

10th NFL Tailgate Party

13th Damon Fowler

15th Randy McNeeley

16th Paul Duffy

16th Half  Way To St Patrick’s Day Party

17th Erik Jameson

20th Damon Fowler

22nd Kozmik Pearl

23rd Katalyst

24th Sherman Noir

27th Damon Fowler

28th Bike Night

28th Randy McNeeley

29th Green Light Go

30th Johnnie Feel Better

August 2017

Every Monday

Every Tuesday

Every Thursday

4th Bus Fulla Monkeys

5th Mainland Band

11th Twinkel

12th IDK

13th Mike Calzone

18 Kozmik Pearl

19th DJ Diwrection

20th Russel Jennings

25th Randy McNeeley

26th Cross Traxx

27th Erik Jameson

July 2017

1st Ellie Lee Band

2nd Mike Calzone

7th IDK

8th Mainland Band

9th Erik Jameson

14th Bus Fulla Monkeys

15th Randy McNeeley

16th Russel Jennings

21st Mad with Power

22nd Markus Lee and the Pride with special guest Kenny McGee

23rd Darrel Clanton

28th Cyan Blue

29th Johnny Feel Better Band

30th Erik Jameson

June 2017

2nd Green Light Go

3rd Tampa’s  Premier Band Johnny Feel Better

4th Russel Jennings

8th Open Mic

9th Randy McNeeley

10th Elli Lee Band

11th Mike Calzone

15th Open Mic

16th Mad with Power

17th Katalyst

18th Erik Jameson

22nd Open Mic

23rd Kozmik Pearl

24th DJ Diwrection

25th Jason James

29th Open Mic

30th Cross Traxx

MAY 2017

May 28th Erik Jameson

27th Randy McNeeley

26th Cross Traxx

25th Damon Fowler

21st Jason James

19th Steampunk Party

14th Mike Calzone



APRIL 2017




Mike Calzone


Movie Night



Dart Club





Green Light Go


Russel Jennings


Movie Night



Dart Club



Little Queenie


Kozmik Pearl


Eric Jameson


Movie Night



Dart Club



Cyan Blue


DJ Diwrection



Apollo Beach, FL