Finn McCool

The Story of

In Ancient Ireland over 5000 years ago Irish Giants did exist and roamed the great lands. Finn MacCool was the most famous for he built the great Giant’s Causeway between Ireland and Scotland . His most fearsome enemy was ‘The Red Man’ , a Scottish Giant. One day Finn saw The Red Man running along the causeway towards Ireland. The Red Man was much, much bigger than Finn had imagined. As he got closer to the shore of Co Antrim Finn hurried back to his Fort to warn his wife, Oonagh. Oonagh had to think fast, for fear that the Red Man was on a raid, so she told Finn to hide in he great big bath tub by the fire. She wrapped him in large sheets from head to toe. The Red Man reached the fort and Oonagh greeted him warmly just as he was about to knock the door down.
“Top of the morning to ya sir, is it Finn your looking for? Tis a pity, for you have missed him. Finn is away hunting deer in County Tyrone.”
The Red Man growled and grunted with anger.
“Are you hungry?” she said. Would you like to come in and have a bite to eat. I am making the baby his lunch.”
The Red Man was taken aback by Oonagh’s hospitality and kindness so he entered the great Room. Oonagh stuffed thick slices of bread with great slabs of beef and stacks of cheese, Champ spuds and eggs. The meal was as big as four chariot wheels. The Red Man looked at the mountain of food and his resolve weakened at the size of it. “Sorry missus, but the appetite has fled me.”
“Not to worry.” Said Oonagh. The baby will eat it.” She brought it to the huge baby in the bath tub by the fire. The baby peeping out from the sheet-like dress and bonnet was Finn Mac Cool himself. He grabbed his favorite meal and gulped it down in a couple of bites. Oonagh beamed with pride and told The Red Man that the baby was only 3 weeks old. The Red Man nearly collapsed in fear, thinking that if this was the size of Finn’s baby at 3 weeks then what in under thunder was the size of the mighty Finn himself.
He made his excuses and left, hurtling back over the causeway towards Scotland as fast as he could run. Finn leapt up and chased after him, he scooped a huge clod of earth out of the ground to fling at the retreating Scot. The hole left filled up with water and became the biggest Lough in Ireland called Lough Neagh! The clod he flung missed its target and it landed in the middle of the Irish Sea it became The Isle of Man!! Even today if you go to the Antrim coast in Ireland or to the Scottish Isle of Staffa you can still see what is left of the causeway that Finn built.

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